"Do your own research" and experienсe of children's philosophizing

"Do your own research" and experienсe of children's philosophizing

Author: Vasilieva E. Interregional Children's Public Organization "Philosophy for children" (Russia)
Childhood, digital space, children's philosophizing, critical thinking, philosophical reflection

The author presented the risks of digital space for the effective development and education of children on the example of the transformation of the saying "Do your own research". The question of forming critical thinking, developing reflection, one’s system of values, relations with the world, without which the results of the primary message of DYOR are counterproductive, is relevant.

The purpose of this work is to draw attention to the promise of psychological research into children's philosophizing as a method of self-actualization and objectification of a developing personality, which results in successful self-realization and communication of the child both in real life and digital space. For over a quarter of a century, the Russian practice of philosophizing with children has provided interesting material for scientific analysis for educators, philosophers, and psychologists. Positive personal and behavioral changes have been proved in children engaged in practical philosophizing within the framework of a philosophical club, additional developmental programs and vacation leisure activities using the methodology of playful philosophizing. The report is illustrated with an article from the children's philosophical newspaper "Owl". It presents the effectiveness of open and creative discussion of important philosophical topics by children for constructive interaction and the informational space.


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