"United in Problem Solving". Gamification experiences in the René Fraga school.

"United in Problem Solving". Gamification experiences in the René Fraga school.

Author: Gómez Rodríguez C., National Psychological Selection Department (Cuba)
Gamification, teamwork, to pose and solve problems.
The education of our days faces an important challenge in the enrichment of the teachingeducational process, how to transmit the contents in a fun way that generates interest and motivates the students. This method called "gamification" is another way of educating,works with the potential of students and makes the appropriation of learning an active process where the subject is the protagonist. The present study is aimed at exploring the effect of the gamification method in the implementation of an educational program to develop the ability to pose and solve problems, to 6th grade children of the René Fraga Primary School. It is a qualitative study, of an exploratory nature, since the existence of investigations that inquire into the subject from this perspective is unknown. We have as results that in spite of not having achieved a total assimilation of the skill, the Gamification method motivated the students to work as a team and contributed to obtain better results. From the application of this method, there was a progressive increase in the quality of responses and a development of some of the Skill indicators. Generated a positive impact in the implementation of the Educational Program.

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