Awakening interest in science through the "Game of Life"

Awakening interest in science through the "Game of Life"

Author: Andreev A., Nilov A., Zager M. Financial University under the Government of the Russian Federation (Russia)
Game of Life; Excel; science; children; digitalization; awakening; computers

Modernization of the education system, due to increased requirements for the quality of education and orientation to the personality of students, required scientists and teachers to develop new learning technologies. Due to the development of digitalization, Excel and other programs are becoming increasingly popular and accessible, including among children. The game "Life" will be an example of how the game can contribute to the development of intelligence and interest in science and education.

The purpose of the study is to consider the game as a factor contributing to the development of a child's interest in science.

The following methods were used in the course of the study: system-information analysis, comparison of statistical data, analysis and specification of the collected information.

The main results of the study are an increase in interest in mathematics and natural sciences, an improvement in concentration on the object under study, the development of perseverance and attentiveness.

After conducting the study, the following conclusions can be drawn. Firstly, digitalization contributes to the socialization of the child in the digital world, helps him to understand the features of computer programs and programming. Secondly, the use of digital forms in teaching instills in the child an interest in science. Thirdly, the introduction of various digital forms can provide a child with useful leisure. Fourth, digital methods expand the child's competence in the field of information technology. Thus, digital games contribute to the development of a mathematical mindset and spatial thinking, as well as increase the speed of decision-making.


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